Experimental Design

Suspect that knowing the microbes present in your environment could improve your work, but don't know how to start? We've got you covered! At Hologenomix, we have years of experience designing experiments for metagenomics and can help you design or evaluate experiments to make sure that you learn exactly what you want to learn.


Next generation sequencing

To make sure that you can get the data you need, we offer a variety of sequencing services tailored towards metagenomics.

Metagenomic analysis

To tackle the challenges of metagenomics at a level unparalleled from what was previously seen, we developed a platform for metagenomics, with a customizable platform offering an efficient yet configurable approach to idenitfying the species present in a sample to an exacting basis.


Our advanced AI tools can help you make sense of the data from your metagenomic sequencing experiment, providing valuable insights and predictions that can guide your research. Let our team help you unlock the full potential of your data with AI interpretation and prediction.